Core Features

Solving the Access Control Problem

Web3 builders today face a difficult choice - sacrifice decentralization by building a centralized solution, or struggle with complex cryptography and cybersecurity to enable decentralized access control.

We call that the Access Control Problem and we built the infrastructure to solve it.

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Odsy is a security-first network, with the ambitious vision of serving as a universal access control layer and securing all assets on Web3. With a team of cybersecurity and cryptography experts from top establishments in the world, our mission is to make sure our design and implementation of dWallets make them as close to unbreakable as possible.

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Our team of top cryptography researchers is continuously contributing to the state of the art in cryptography. We're creating the first algorithm that allows for a large-scale permissionless network to efficiently perform MPC with a user, and are constantly exploring new ways of applying modern cryptography to make Odsy and dWallets even more secure.

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Robust & Flexible

In order to support real world use cases, dWallets allow for any access control logic to be enforced in a completely trustless and decentralized way. Even more importantly, dWallets are dynamic, allowing protocols and solutions built on top of Odsy to be composable, interacting and working together in flexible ways.

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Building on Web3 must take into account multiple chains, networks and ecosystems. Odsy and dWallets allow for native interoperability, since a dWallet generates a digital signature for any valid message, as long as the signing algorithm is supported (ECDSA, EdDSA, Schnorr etc.) - so dWallets can sign transactions for practically any other network.

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Builders shouldn't be required to trust a small subset of nodes that can easily collude or permissioned networks. On the Odsy Network, access control mechanisms are created and enforced by a permissionless and decentralized network with many participants, so Web3 builders are not required to sacrifice decentralization for access control.

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Real-World Use Cases

Ethereum abstracted decentralization with smart contracts and dApps, creating a wave of decentralized applications. However, Web3 needs access control to be connected to the real world. Odsy is abstracting decentralized access control with wallet contracts and dWallets to enable the new wave of real world use cases in Web3.

Use Cases

Connecting the Real World to Web3

Odsy and dWallets enable and empower builders to create a myriad of new and existing real-world use cases in Web3


Lowering the barrier for providing secure and robust digital asset custody, making it as easy as writing a smart contract.

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Interoperable DAOs that can natively manage assets and permissions on any chain without depositing funds to smart contracts.

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DeFi protocols that can perform actions across chains without the need for bridging, wrapping or even transferring assets.

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With dWallets as underlying custody infrastructure, centralized solutions don't need to own user assets. We call that "Bring Your Own Wallet".


By utilizing access control on a dWallet, "view only" permissions can be used to identify without any risk to assets or the identity itself.

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The vision of gamer ownership can finally be realized, with a cross-game  dWallet and the ability to lend and rent assets or hire users.

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